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Idiot, or lawless.

Crazy or not?

Removing bear restrictions.

RCMP screw up

Members NRA

How to ass lick simplified.

Not adequately trained.

So true.

Who is fooling who?

Gun seized under mental health law.

What you expect from a “DICK”

Makes sense.

What this prevents?


Operation Quebec


Talk about cowards.

Not too many.

They took guns away in 1997

 Ghost guns

Top 10 hunting loads

So very deceitful.

Love and guns are they compatible?

Pretty in pink?

Would you believe this?

So very true.

Not a chore anymore

Surely the idiots are aware.

Registry replacement.

Savage Arms Sued

S&W 986

POT and firearms

Very Poor demo.

Concealed carry


New Sniper Record

New Ruger SP101

Glock RTF2

Apex Tactical Specialties

Premium ammo makes a difference

New Coach gun


Accidental Discharge; Stay focused.


Packs for the hunter.

SIG gets USA army contract

MRR Pro rifle

Magnum Research

Hosting single shot match

Choke tubes for duck hunting

Paracord Survival Pod and Band

New triggers for Glock

New ammo from SIG

B14 Woodsman

Hunting Boot

30-06 semi auto